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This form is used to report an injury for Participants of Myhorizon only.
This form is used to carry out inspection of new sites and existing sites as a requirement of an internal audit or site inspection. This form can be completed by any Service Manager/Assistant Manager or nominated person.. Any observations raised must be completed as soon as practical by the Service Manager.
For staff of Lifestyle - use this form for reporting new and reoccurring behavioural issues. (This form does not replace hazard / risk / near miss or Injury Notification, in these events please complete the appropriate forms in Tickit)
This form is used to report an injury/illness for Staff/Employees of Myhorizon.
This form is designed to assess any risks or hazards to undertake an activity at a venue in the community.
Please complete this form for all continuous improvement suggested actions.
This form is used to record any compliments or complaints about our services or event that involves an employee, service user or member of the public.
Reporting incidents relating to unathorised restrictive practice for participants of Lifestyle and Myhorizon Accommodation Services.
This form is used for internal account enquiries
*** SILS Houses - Attention: Please email your Coordinator to report any maintenance issues for Real Estate to follow up *** All other divisions, please use this form to lodge a building maintenance request once advised/approval given by your Manager.
Register of Staff Conflicts of Interest
This form is for reporting Critical Incidents to a government body. Critical Incidents are defined as any events, either accidental or deliberate: - Where a participant, volunteer or carer has been injured, is missing or has died in unusual or suspicious circumstances; - That may impact on the public confidence of Disability Services funded services.
This form is for internal purposes only
To enable sites to manage an emergency and minimise the risk of injury and/or damage to site, employees, service users, members of the public, work experience students/volunteers, tradespeople, plant and the environment.
Finance Division Meeting by Service Managers for the CEO/CFO.
This HR form is used by Managers/2IC's for: appointing staff, moving staff or creating a new position. Positions will apply as of start of the next Proceeding Pay period . ***Appointments & commencements will be determined once all NDIS requirements have been completed. Internal Use Only: MHR 06 Request R7-09-23
This report is for Lifestyle Operations Team Only.
This form is used to conduct a Marketing & Communications audit for each site to ensure that our Branding & information is consistent across all sites of the organisation.
This form is for the complete use of the MAS Coordinator to complete when visiting MAS houses.
This report is for Lifestyle Operations Team Only. ***Office Use Only - Revised R2-08-23
This form is to be used when completing a monthly WHS inspection at all MAS houses.
Please complete this template to record all minutes of meetings.
This form is used for any medication related incidents/errors
This form is used for the Manager or delegated officer.
This form is for Lifestyle to complete a Participant Risk Assessment
This form is used to capture all Seizure incident related events.
This form is used to report any damage or maintenance issues to our Fleet Officer, Roger Smith.
This form is used to record speediing infringements and parking fines. The Service Manager is responsible for managing the traffic infringement. All infringements are reported immediately to the CEO.
For recording new MV Lease agreements with the organisation.
This form is used for reporting Motor Vehicle Accidents
This form is used for movement of vehicle to a different location or division or different driver or if the vehicle lease is due to expire.
The motor vehicle inspection must be completed and submitted by the 7th of the reporting month each quarter. The quarter reporting months are: January, April, July and October as per MM01 Employee Benefit Motor Vehicle & General Motor Vehicle Use Agreement & Conditions. *** Any damage must be reported immediately to your Service Manager or Delegate*** Do not use this form for reporting damage. Contact Fleet Officer for instructions to report damage. Please reference to the section number within the form and please keep comments brief.
Please use this form to report Hazards, Risks and Near Misses.
The RCD form is for recording RCD test by a competent person.
This form is to assist employees to request a flexible working arrangement.
Service Report submission by Service Managers and/or delegates for the CEO.
This report is for Employment & Training Division Only.
This form is used to store information e.g. Building lease agreements, Direct Support, IT, Cleaning, Security, Auditing etc
This checklist should be completed in consultation with the workers involved to outline common hazards in the home or community settings. A "No" answer means that the hazards should be assessed and control measures considered where the assessment indicates it is necessary.